Friday, March 3, 2017

Me on Some Favourite Things (2)

And we're back with a random list of fun things post because I've been reading in weird spurts and I've also been a bit choosy with what I'm reading lately. So here are a few more things I've been enjoying lately, be they TV or movies or games or Kickstarter or anything else!

Travelogue. Every couple of months I read through this short comic of Aatmaja Pandya's and fall in love all over again. In love with the colour palette and the art style, slightly rough and pencil crayon-esque. In love with the characters, with Nana and Emerene and Adi. And Princess the goat. In love with the bursts of magic that appear as these three make their way across their world. There are so many questions I have about this comic, about its world and the magic system, about who or what Nana is, but for once I'm perfectly happy to have my questions go unanswered. As much as I want to know more, I'm perfectly happy not knowing. This comic is gorgeous and sweet and oh so magical. And I always want to snuggle Nana so hard. So fluffy!

Speaking of webcomics, one I found a little while ago that I quickly fell in love with is Lizzie's Thunderbird. It's set in a hard desert fantasy world, where every year farmers and ranchers wait for the mythical Thunderbird to come and bring the rain. But this year, she's late and is shot down. In comes Molly Donelly, rough and tumble and good with a gun, who finds a baby thunderbird under attack by a pack of werewolves headed up by the white werewolf that killed her father. And so starts her journey with the baby bird, off to find its mother and find out who wants to take down a god. All the characters have sass and spirit, the setting is dusty but full of splashes of colour. I can't wait to see where the story will go next.

So with streams and podcasts of Dungeons & Dragons becoming more and more popular, here's my rec for them in a certain way. Watching or listening to D&D streams is a great resource when it comes to world-building and character creation and motivation. These are epic worlds that are constantly created, edited, ruined, re-built. There are shifts in power, mysterious groups operating in back alleys, huge dragons coming down and destroying whole empires. It's interesting to see how massive world-building can get. For character creation and motivation, it's fun to watch. The players all have a background set up, anything from a few notes to tens of pages of info, but then comes the playing of the game and the interaction and they have to think quickly on how their character would react. It's part pre-planned and part improv. If you're looking for story crafting resources, then check out some streams like Critical Role or High Rollers.

And that's what I've been interested in lately! What about you? What've you been watching or reading lately that you think other people should check out?

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