Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Me on Waiting on Wednesday (291)

Waiting on Wednesday is a bunch of weekly fun hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine. :)

Title: Spindle
Author: E.K. Johnston
Release Date: December 6, 2016
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion

From Goodreads:

The world is made safe by a woman...but it is a very big world.

It has been generations since the Storyteller Queen drove the demon out of her husband and saved her country from fire and blood. Her family has prospered beyond the borders of their village, and two new kingdoms have sprouted on either side of the mountains where the demons are kept prisoner by bright iron, and by the creatures the Storyteller Queen made to keep them contained.

But the prison is crumbling. Through years of careful manipulation, a demon has regained her power. She has made one kingdom strong and brought the other to its knees, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. When a princess is born, the demon is ready with the final blow: a curse that will cost the princess her very soul, or force her to destroy her own people to save her life.

The threads of magic are tightly spun, binding princess and exiled spinners into a desperate plot to break the curse before the demon can become a queen of men. But the web of power is dangerously tangled--and they may not see the true pattern until it is unspooled.

Because of course. Because always Kate's books. Kate's books always keep me finding new things to think about, new pieces of characters and places and myself that I think about for days until I find another new piece of something else.


  1. I haven't started this series yet but I am so looking forward to it! Great pick.

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  2. I haven't read the first book in this series yet. I hope you enjoy reading this!
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  3. I'm excited to read this book! I loved A Thousand Nights, and I'm sure this one will be great. I hope you enjoy this book when you get the chance to read it!

    Have a fabulous week. :)

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