Saturday, January 26, 2013

Me on This Week's Book Week (36)

This Week's Book Week is like Stacking the Shelves hosted by Tynga's Reviews but the name is different and I ramble on about things.

Hello! I'm not here right now. Instead, I'm speaking to you from the past. (Why does this sound like I'm leaving an answering machine message??) I'm in Seattle until Monday because I made the trip, with some bloggers, across the border to ALA Midwinter. :) Hopefully, I've been enjoying myself (since I can't see into the future), and hopefully I finally met some awesome bloggers at the meet-up on Friday night. Hopefully, the convention centre has Wi-Fi so I can tweet from the exhibit hall instead of just tweeting from the hostel in the evenings (or from one of the many nearby Starbucks'). Hopefully, I haven't made a complete and utter fool of myself. *fingers crossed*

A recap post of the whole weekend will go up at some point during the week. Maybe Wednesday, maybe Thursday. In it will be a giveaway for an ARC or two or more. :) I'm still hoping that most if not all of the books I bring back will go to my local library, I know they have some teen groups but I'm not sure what they do during their meeting times. I'll need to send an e-mail or two to someone when I get back.

So, I'll see you all when I get back. :)

(I picked up some holds at the library this week, they'll be in next week's post.)