Saturday, January 12, 2013

Me on This Week's Book Week (34)

This Week's Book Week is like Stacking the Shelves hosted by Tynga's Reviews only I thought up this name and while terrible, it stuck around. ;)

Hello to new people! There are some new followers so I thought I'd say hi. Hi. :) Reviews are posting Tuesdays and Fridays (sometimes Monday-Wednesday-Friday if I have a lot of review books that come out around the same time), I take part in the Waiting on Wednesday meme on Wednesdays, and this post where I babble about my week shows up on Saturdays. Sometimes there are book tour posts and guest posts from authors. Sometimes there are giveaways (there probably will be one after ALA). In the spring I'll be bringing back the Canadian YA Lit Event, hopefully with new and different authors.

Countdown to ALA Midwinter. 2 weeks. That's 2 whole weeks of me stressing and freaking over whether or not I packed the right clothes and enough tote bags and the right shoes (stupid broken ankle) and enough business cards (hopefully, I've got about 80 of the mini cards I ordered last year from Moo (I really like Moo) and I'm too late to order more for them to arrive in time). Stupid. Maybe I should buy a stack of notecards, write all my blog and Twitter info on those if I run out of mini cards.

Now, in the past few years that I've been blogging and know about ALA and BEA and book festivals, I know there are librarians that get upset when bloggers come to ALA. I do get it, it's a conference for librarians put on by a huge association of librarians where they discuss books and library tech and readers and everything else they're passionate about. I can only hope they won't sneer at me for being there, trying to be polite and not a jerk. If this year's Midwinter Meeting wasn't so close to where I live, I wouldn't be going. Ever. So, yes, I'm going as a blogger and a reviewer, and I'm going to try and be as nice and friendly as possible. Of course, I'm not big with crowds so I might be that tall girl wandering around not talking to anyone. I'm hoping to give a lot of the books I come back with to the local library and their teen reading groups. :)
The Archived by Victoria Schwab (thanks to Hachette Book Group Canada for the gorgeous finished copy)

Borrowed from the library:
Saga Volume 1 by Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples (I don't read a lot of comics, but this one sounds really interesting. The artwork is vibrant and the story looks to be all kinds of messed up and complicated so I'm interested in where it'll go. Also, when the cover features a horned guy with a sword and a woman with insect-like wings holding a gun while breastfeeding her baby, you know it's going to be awesome. Also not meant for kids, there's a lot of swearing and violence and sex in this.)


  1. Aww, you are so sweet! I get that librarians are not thrilled with bloggers going, but my whole thing is - if you're respectful and aren't being totally "grabby hands" with EVERYTHING it should be fine. You're passionate about books, and spread the word. That should be enough in my opinion. I hope you enjoy ALA and can't wait to see your tweets.

    Gasp! The Archived looks stunning in person (and that's even just in your photo). I can't wait to get my copy next week.

  2. I loved the Archived. Such a good read. And I've heard good things about Saga. Enjoy!

  3. I can't wait to read The Archived. I've heard such amazing things; I'm counting down the days until its release! Enjoy your books. :)