Friday, September 26, 2014

Me on The Island of Excess Love

Title: The Island of Excess Love
Author: Francesca Lia Block
Release Date: August 26, 2014
Publisher: Henry Holt and Co. (Macmillan imprint)

Pen has lost her parents. She’s lost her eye. But she has fought Kronen; she has won back her fragile friends and her beloved brother. Now Pen, Hex, Ash, Ez, and Venice are living in the pink house by the sea, getting by on hard work, companionship, and dreams. Until the day a foreboding ship appears in the harbor across from their home. As soon as the ship arrives, they all start having strange visions of destruction and violence. Trance-like, they head for the ship and their new battles begin.

The Island of Excess Love is a lyrical, magical, heart-breaking, impossible adventure.

This is certainly one of those books that I find hard to describe, where no words plucked from my head could do it justice. I had this problem once before with its predecessor. What is illusion? What is fate? What is love? The prose is lush and imaginative, painting a wondrous picture of magic and myth, but I was never really sure if I understood everything.

Perhaps if I'd read more of or about Virgil's Aeneid I would've understood the purpose of the journey more. From what I read, from what I understood, this story is about fate, about trials, about what it takes to become a hero. About love. What it is to love, to keep that love strong.

For all my potential misunderstandings, I hope that Pen's epic tale will continue as I'm curious as to what else was borne from the Earth Shaker.

(I received an e-galley of this title from Macmillan through Raincoast Books.)

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