Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Me on Readers Choice Review Week

So. I plan out when I'm going to post reviews. I'm neurotic that way. ;) Now, I've got a week in December where I don't have any reviews planned, so this is what I'm proposing.

You guys pick what I review from December 11th to 17th. :)

Comment with your suggestions. They can be books published up until the end of November. You guys know what I review: YA, some MG, some graphic novels. You guys know what I've reviewed and what I plan on reviewing, I tell you in my IMM posts (I've also added what books I plan on reviewing on the Book Reviews page up above). You guys know if I get ARCs the earliest I post those reviews is a week before the release date (because the publisher has asked me to hold back) and the latest is a week after.

But this is about you guys. What book have you been on the fence about? What book do you love and want me to read? What book do you know I've read but haven't reviewed? I never actually reviewed Ally Condie's Matched, you know.

Make your suggestions and spread the word. I will narrow them down, find the books, read the books, write up reviews, and will post 1 a day for the whole week of December 11th. If this is a hit, it'll become an annual event here at Me on Books. My ability to review certain books might be limited by whether or not I can find them at the library or bookstore, and I really want to limit my book buying with birthdays and Christmas coming up.

And I'm going to suggest that someone suggest Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life, the first in the graphic novel series by Bryan Lee O'Malley. It'd be nice to do a graphic novel, or at least something written by a Canadian. ;)

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