Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Me on Waiting on Wednesday (381)

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Title: A Spark of White Fire
Author: Sangu Mandanna
Release Date: September 4, 2018
Publisher: Sky Pony Press

From Goodreads:

In a universe of capricious gods, dark moons, and kingdoms built on the backs of spaceships, a cursed queen sends her infant daughter away, a jealous uncle steals the throne of Kali from his nephew, and an exiled prince vows to take his crown back. 

Raised alone and far away from her home on Kali, Esmae longs to return to her family. When the King of Wychstar offers to gift the unbeatable, sentient warship Titania to a warrior that can win his competition, she sees her way home: she’ll enter the competition, reveal her true identity to the world, and help her famous brother win back the crown of Kali. 

It’s a great plan. Until it falls apart. 

Inspired by the Mahabharata and other ancient Indian stories, A Spark of White Fire is a lush, sweeping space opera about family, curses, and the endless battle between jealousy and love.

Oooooo, how interesting. I hope the plan falling apart part happens early on, I love it when the collapse of a plan happens early enough in the story that you also get to watch people fail and scramble and work their way up again. Also space opera? YES.

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