Saturday, May 28, 2016

Me on This Week's Book Week (208)

This Week's Book Week is rather similar to Stacking the Shelves hosted by Tynga's Reviews only with far more rambling and a less witty title. ;)

While other parts of the country will be super hot this weekend, it's going to be cloudy and cool and a little rainy here. *sigh* It'll be so nice. As always, I hate the prospect of an incoming hot summer.

Well. I wanted to get a bunch of books read this week. I think I only read 2. Plus some comics I picked up the other day. So much for getting a bunch read this week. Crossing my fingers for the weekend.

I've been looking at what comics I pick up and I've been thinking about scaling back my list. Mostly because I've discovered that I have little patience when it comes to comics, reading a story 30 pages at a time once every month/six weeks. I also have no idea where to start with some series. Looking at all the backstory of DC and Marvel comics, I feel lost every single time I think about going back and starting at the beginning of a series. It looks like most of the comics on my list are taking a break for the summer, so it'll be a good time to look and see if I want to stick with some of these stories. But Saga will stay on my list. Because of course. (Go check it out if you haven't yet.)

Reviews going up this week will feature My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton & Jodi Meadows (Tuesday) and With Malice by Eileen Cook (Friday). :)
Flying by Carrie Jones (e-galley from Macmillan through Raincoast Books)


  1. Flying sounds fun and funny. I feel the same about the DC and Marvel comics. Overwhelmed. Heard good things about Saga. And plan on trying it. It doesn't have too much to catch up with.

  2. I'm interested to hear what you have to say about My Lady Jane. At first the reviews were amazing and now I'm hearing negatives. I guess it's a love/hate kind of book lol

    My Stacking the Shelves

  3. I don't know the book but I hope you enjoy it :)

    Sofia @ SofiaLovesReading

  4. Just stopping by to say hi :) I haven't heard of that book yet but it sounds interesting and the cover made me laugh right away!

    Happy Memorial Day weekend :) Megan @ Doodles 'n Scribbles

  5. Flying! OMG, I am so jealous, read the first five chapters on Netgalley and am busting to read it all! I hope it's a good read :)