Saturday, July 7, 2012

Me on This Week's Book(less) Week (10)

If you're new, welcome. This is my version of an IMM/Stacking the Shelves hosted by Tynga's Reviews/book haul post. Saying haul sounds weird if I only ended up with 1 or 2 books, or none, so it's pretty much just me rambling about my week, what books I happened to get, and what my current list of review books is (meaning you're welcome to suggest books that I don't add to the list if I borrowed a stack from the library). :) And you're so lucky to drop by on a week where I didn't get any books. *face-palm*

Oh, summer. You're so elusive up here. Even though there were those days when it was cloudy and then rainy and the humidity shot up so it felt muggy and gross inside the house. It should not be 10 degrees cooler outside than inside at midnight.

Monday night I was cleaning up a bunch of floor clutter and cutting my address off a bunch of mailing envelopes when I dumped the extra stuff out of one and found an adorable little Crewel button that Kathy must've stuck in when she mailed me the ARC. How long ago did that arrive? 2 or 3 weeks? Geez, you'd think I'd know to check envelopes.

I mailed out some books to the 2 people I owed books to (if your names are Ashy or Grace). Check the list of books I have available to swap/trade, feel free to comment or @ me on Twitter or DM me with what you'd like and what your swap/trade list is. (I'm also willing to trade my ARC of Altered for an ARC of The Friday Society.)

I'll be at the launch for Denise Jaden's new book Never Enough on the 14th, so I could do another event write-up if people are interested. Or if anyone's in the Lower Mainland and wants to come. It is in Mission, though, which is about an hour east of me and means I get to drive on the highway.

Now, since I didn't get books this week, I have a job for you. You have to pick which book, either Hallowed or All These Things I've Done, for me to review. Just say in comments which you'd rather see. It's possible I might review both, but the one with more votes will be reviewed sooner. :)

To review: Touched, Scarlett Dedd, The Blood Keeper, Blackwood, Shift, Unspoken, Yesterday, Velveteen, Mystic City, Romeo RedeemedMeant to Be, Tune and Altered. :)


  1. I really enjoyed Unearthly, but I haven't had a chance to pick up Hallowed yet. And while I haven't read All These Things I've Done, I love the premise behind it.

  2. Great haul! This is the second time I've see the book all these things I've done and it sounds Amazing!
    Enjoy and Happy reading :D

  3. I loved Hallowed it looks amazing!! :) Also, that's so cool that you found a Crewel button! :) I want to read Crewel so bad! Anyway, enjoy your books!

    Check out my Stacking the Shelves!