Sunday, May 20, 2012

Me on This Week's Book Haul (3)

Calling it a book haul seems like lying. It's only 1 book. *sigh* What's smaller than a haul? An armful? A handful?

There was a blogger meet-up dinner this week, but because of people's busy schedules it was only me, Alita, and Jenny. Oh, well. It was still nice to see them. :)

I was still in a semi-reading slump, but then I finished an e-galley and put another book on hold. Then I read Shadow and Bone Friday evening. *head-desk* If that's all it took, I'm going to hurt someone.

I saw Richelle Mead's coming up to Vancouver as part of the release tour for The Golden Lily near the end of June. I wasn't surprised, it's not like we're that far from Seattle. I'll probably get a finished copy as well as one of Bloodlines and get those signed. :) (I also figure there'll be another blogger meet-up that day like the one this past week, if any bloggers or local authors are interested in hanging out before or after.) Are there any fun book signings happening near you guys soon?? This one is looking like the earliest one for where I live.

So, I've got this thing about reading the book before watching the TV/movie version (not always but often) and it sort of translated over to manga and anime as well. Mostly because I watched Fruits Basket (thanks to Kathleen Peacock) then was totally bored for the first few volumes when I read the manga. There's one series I started reading, then discovered there'd been an anime made years ago, and I told myself I'd read the manga first before watching it. Then I watched the first 2 episodes (they took place over volume 1 (which I've read)). Then I totally caved and watched the rest and flipped out when weird stuff kept happening. *sigh* It's my own fault, really. If I'd read the second volume first before watching the corresponding anime episodes, things would've been different.
Shadows Cast By Stars by Catherine Knutsson (Before the blogger meet-up dinner, I asked if anyone had an ARC I could borrow. Then Jenny handed me this when I arrived and said she just got it the day before.)

To review: Timepiece, The Golden Lily, Flirting in Italian, Soulbound, Never Enough, Spark, Endlessly, Innocent Darkness, Glitch, Touched, Scarlett Dedd, Blackwood, Shift, Unspoken, Yesterday, Velveteen, Romeo Redeemed and Tune. :)

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  1. OMG, OMG I had no idea that Richelle was coming. Now I am so excited :D...and hope you get over your reading slump soon and enjoy reading Shadows Cast by Stars.