Sunday, May 13, 2012

Me on This Week's Book Haul (2)

It's been nice up here in my corner of BC. Like, sunny and no rain. It was nice. :) Of course, that meant working out in the yard clearing out some dead crap. So much dead crap. And we had this blackberry vine that went nuts grew all over with its very very very prickly vines and through a big shrub. What a jerk.

Meeting up with some of the local YA bloggers for dinner this week. Yay. :) I think someone made the joke that we need to get in our BEA requests before Alita goes. ;) Honestly, she can bring back whatever she wants, but I know we'll all want to go through them.

I finally finished a book this week. *flops over* Something is wrong with my brain.

Didn't get a lot of books this week. Well, considering how big my pile is with ARCs that have summer release dates, I should really get through those before buying any more or borrowing any more.
City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare (not sure when I'm going to read it, though)

To review: Shadow and Bone, Timepiece, The Golden Lily, Flirting in Italian, Soulbound, Never Enough, Spark, Endlessly, Innocent Darkness, Glitch, Touched, Scarlett Dedd, Blackwood, Shift, Unspoken, Yesterday, Velveteen, Romeo Redeemed and Tune. :)


  1. So many people got City of Lost Souls. I am reading it right now! So good.

    I hear you. I have so many books to review, I don't think I need any for awhile.

  2. City of Lost Souls! =) I also got a copy of that book, so excited to read it!

    have fun reading!

    my Book Haul:

  3. I also got COLS and I have to say I read it right away, mostly because everyone seems to be really bad about spoiling Cassie Clare books to me, so I wanted to ensure I actually read it before I found out what happened. =b