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Blog tour: Chainbreaker

Hi there! Welcome to a very special Monday post. Today is the start of the blog tour for Tara Sim's Chainbreaker, the continuing story of a clock mechanic and the clock spirit he's fallen for.
The first book, Timekeeper, is all parts mystery and fantasy and mythology and romance, and Chainbreaker continues along those same lines, only this time the mystery and the danger reach far beyond the small town of Enfield.

Title: Chainbreaker
Author: Tara Sim
Release Date: January 2, 2018
Publisher: Sky Pony Press

Clock mechanic Danny Hart knows he's being watched. But by whom, or what, remains a mystery. To make matters worse, clock towers have begun falling in India, though time hasn't Stopped yet. He'd hoped after reuniting with his father and exploring his relationship with Colton, he'd have some time to settle into his new life. Instead, he's asked to investigate the attacks. After inspecting some of the fallen Indian towers, he realizes the British occupation may be sparking more than just attacks. And as Danny and Colton unravel more secrets about their past, they find themselves on a dark and dangerous path--one from which they may never return.

Chainbreaker is an expanding of what readers were first introduced to in Timekeeper. An expanding of the world, of traveling from England to India. An expanding of some mysterious goings-on, of that feeling Danny would have of being watched. An expanding of Colton, of his past and what it is to be a clock spirit. The problems and worries surrounding clock towers and time are only getting bigger, more dangerous, and no one knows if they'll see the end of it.

Danny and Colton were hoping to live in relative obscurity, continuing on with their lives of clock mechanic and clock spirit. He who repairs clocks and has a vague sense of control over time and he who keeps the town of Enfield in time. The kind, empathetic mechanic and the watchful, curious spirit. They'd found each other, saved Enfield and stopped a terrible plot, and were looking forward to just living. But then Danny and fellow mechanic Daphne are sent to India. But then something happens in Enfield to Colton's tower. But then both young men start learning more, more about time and the gods, about rebellion and freedom, and everything changes.

Without giving anything away, I looked forward to any expanding on the mythology surrounding time, the clock towers, and the clock spirits. It was something in the first book that I found intriguing, time being something tangible that could be altered, sped forward or halted entirely to leave cities standing still as the rest of the world moved on. And I was rather intrigued by what was brought up, how certain things came to be.

I knew, going in, that this book would be hard and heartbreaking to read, and it was. After the first book and its melancholy tone, I wanted Danny and Colton to be happy, but they're separated early on because of forces outside of their control. And the melancholy tone continues, with Danny and Daphne in India, confused as to why towers are being destroyed and the ripples of anger surrounding England's continued hold on India, with Colton in Enfield, lonely and soon lost, his mind drifting and filling with dreams. The ending is explosive, shocking, and had me on the edge of my seat. I'm definitely desperate for the third book, wanting to know what happens next.

(I received a hardcover copy of this title from Thomas Allen & Son.)

And as a special reward from the wonderful people at Thomas Allen & Son, Canadian readers have a chance to enter a giveaway for their own copy of Chainbreaker. All you have to do is fill out the below Rafflecopter giveaway widget.

a Rafflecopter giveaway Thank you so much to Thomas Allen & Son for arranging the blog tour, for sending me a copy to read and review, and for holding a giveaway for Canadian readers. This series is at times wondrous and exciting and sometimes heartbreaking, and I'm looking forward to seeing how author Tara Sim will bring it all together in the third book, Firestarter. Chainbreaker is out now, so head out to your local bookstore or library to check it out!

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