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Day 11 - Eve Silver

Day 11. These last three authors, today's included, have books coming out in June. Because their books aren't out yet, think of the next few posts as a teaser of sorts. :)

Eve Silver lives sometimes in Canada but also in worlds she dreams up along with her husband and sons. She loves kayaking and sunshine, dogs and desserts, and lots and lots of books. Her adult books have made her a national bestselling author, garnering starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and Library Journal. In 2011, she was nominated for the Romance Writers of America RITA Award. Her YA debut, Rush, the first in a series, is set to come out on June 11, 2013 with HarperCollins imprint Katherine Tegen Books. You can reach her at her website and on Twitter. :)

Lindsay, thanks for inviting me to join your Canadian YA event. I’m very excited to be here.

In my upcoming debut YA release—RUSH (June 11, 2013)— Miki Jones struggles to achieve a new ‘normal’ after the death of her mother, only to find she’s anything but normal when her alien DNA sees her dragged into a game where she must hunt aliens or be hunted by them. In the game she meets Jackson Tate, and one of the things that helps them discover each other is their mutual love of reading. Their tastes are eclectic, ranging from Manga to classics, but their shared love of the written word is a part of the strong connection they feel.

Speaking of connections, I may be an author, but I’m also a reader, and it’s wonderful to be able to connect with other readers and share the love of a great book. So reader-to-reader, I want to share a quick pick of eight exciting Canadian YA authors. I know my list isn’t comprehensive, and I’m hoping you’ll add some of your faves in the comments so I can check them out.

~*~drum roll~*~

In no specific order,

1. Kelley Armstrong is the author of the Darkest Powers and Darkness Rising YA trilogies, as well as the middle grade fantasy adventure, Loki’s Wolves (co-written by K. L. Armstrong and M. A. Marr). Not only is Kelley a Canadian author, but her Darkness Rising books are set in Canada (British Columbia) with fabulous action scenes in the Vancouver Island wilderness. What I love about her books: strong heroines, great heroes, mystery, action, adventure, paranormal elements mixed with a hint of sci-fi.

2. Michelle Rowen is the author of the Wicked Kiss and Dark Kiss, the Demon Princess series and the forthcoming Countdown which includes a deadly game, non-stop action filled with unexpected twists and turns, a kick-butt heroine and an incredible bad-boy hero. As Morgan Rhodes, she writes the Falling Kingdoms high fantasy series. What I love about her books: Her wit and humor, her dialogue, the way she pulls the reader in and makes them care about her characters, her delicate handling of dark issues.

3. Brenda Hammond is the Ottawa-based author of Cape Town, a wonderful YA coming-of-age story set in Pre-Mandela South Africa. What I love about this book: The lyrical and visual writing, the accurate but not overwhelming backdrop of the political unrest of the time, the character growth.

4. Amanda Sun is the author of the upcoming Ink, which is incredible on so many levels: a set-in-Japan, coming-of-age, fish-out-of-water story with a completely new and unique twist on the paranormal, a lovely romance, action, fun and fascinating cultural information…just a great story all around. Cool info about Amanda: She’s a cosplayer.

5. Amy McCulloch is a Canadian currently living in the UK where she’s a commissioning editor for HarperVoyagerUK as well as an author. Her fantasy story, The Oathbreaker's Shadow, will hit shelves in June, 2013. What I love about this book: fabulous, thoughtful, unique, accessible high fantasy.

6. Elsie Chapman is the British Columbia based author of Dualed, a high action story with a Survivor/Lord of the Flies vibe. Publishers Weekly called it the “textual equivalent of a Quentin Tarantino movie.” What’s awesome about this book: great pacing, action, suspense, and did I mention action?

7. Maureen McGowan is the author of The Dust Chronicles, which includes Deviants and the upcoming Compliance. What’s great about this series: a dark and edgy post-apocalyptic world, suspense, and tough choices for the characters. Fun fact about Maureen: she’s a fan and regular attendee of the Toronto International Film Festival.

8. Juliana Stone’s forthcoming YA, Back to Good (May 2014), is about two teens dealing with their torn pasts as they fall in love over a hot Louisiana summer. Awesome Canadian trivia about this author: The hero in the book is a musician, and Juliana toured Canada fronting for an all-female rock band!

As for the characters in RUSH… check out the book to find out which authors Miki loves and which are Jackson’s faves. Who are your favorite made-in-Canada YA authors?

Happy reading!


Thank you so much for taking part, Eve. Go check out Rush when it comes out in early June! :)

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