Thursday, June 23, 2011

Me on A Summer Book Giveaway

At the end of July in Lake Forest Park, just north of Seattle, WA, there's a book signing going on. Some of you might recognize this as the place I drove almost 3 and a half hours to for Mindi Scott's book launch party for Freefall last October.

This time, there's more than 1 author at the event. :)

Suzanne Young (A Need So Beautiful), Kimberly Derting (Desires of the Dead), Lisa Schroeder (The Day Before), Cat Patrick (Forgotten), Mandy Hubbard (Ripple), and Eileen Cook (The Education of Hayley Kendrick) will be signing books and I imagine talking about them a little on Sunday, July 31st at Third Place Books. I have no idea what time, I've seen 4-5, 4-6, and 5:30 to 6:30. I'm going to aim to get there for 3/3:30, hedge my bets. It'll give me time to buy books. Hopefully it won't be too crowded when I get there. ;)

I'm also happy about this event because I get to see Mindi Scott again. She's so sweet. And I'll get a copy of Whisper from Phoebe Kitanidis since she didn't mail it (*phew*) and Canada Post is still twitchy/on strike/on lockdown (not anymore, yay).

Now, because I love you blog followers, I'm going to get a signed book to give away. I probably won't buy it until I get down there because it'll be cheaper (I know the dollar is worth the same but books cost less in the US).

So, I'm giving you the option. You can comment here with which book you'd want to win the most out of the 6 in the above picture. They're their most recent books, meaning they'll probably be at the store on the event date. It just makes sense to me. And maybe, maybe, if I find a copy, I might get Mindi to sign a copy of Freefall to give away at a later date.

NEW! Because I love books, there will now be two guaranteed winners. :D So there's a greater chance of you winning!

So. Comment here with your name, e-mail, & what book you'd prefer. Retweeting or adding the giveaway to your blog (anywhere on your blog is fine, you don't have to write up a post if you don't want to) gets you another entry. I'll be keeping a list of who enters, what book they want, & how many entries they've earned. Residents of Canada and the US only. Sorry, international peeps, unless you're willing to pay for shipping.

And if, somehow, by you guys spreading the word so much, about 30 or 40 people enter, I might add a another book and another winner. :)

The giveaway ends on Sunday, July 24th at 11:59pm PDT. Make sure you enter before then. :)


  1. Awesome Giveaway! Top choice- Forgotten by Cat Patrick.


  2. Thanks so much! :) I would love to have a copy of The Day Before by Lisa Schroeder - I read it on the weekend and it was wonderful (off to read your review after this). Thanks again!

    (+1) Tweet:!/thestoryqueen/status/84336427076304897


  3. Amazing giveaway!! I am so looking forward to A Need So Beautiful by Suzanna Young and it would be my choice!!

  4. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I'd love to win 'Desires of the Dead' by Kimberly Derting.

    - Ashley

  5. Wow, Lindsay, that's a great giveaway! I just RT-ed your tweet about it.

    I'd love to win A NEED SO BEAUTIFUL. I'm really looking forward to that book!

    Have fun in Lake Forest Park!

  6. :( I posted a comment and blogger ate it! okay, here we go again...

    I RT'd your tweet, a few times because I keep meaning to enter but I forget because I am FORGETFUL. this is going somewhere. I want Forgotten because maybe then I won't be so forgetful.

    Or maybe I have a swiss cheese brain.

    ANYWAYS. you have my email addy, and I hope you have a safe trip and have FUN! :D

  7. Thanks for the giveaway! I'd love to win "Ripple!"

    GFC: Dani
    dani AT refractedlightreviews DOT com

  8. Oh, awesome contest! It’s hard choosing which one I would like to win but if I have to choose, it would be RIPPLE by Mandy Hubbard.

    Only 8 total comments? Here: I tweeted, too, to get more people to enter :)!/nodizzies/status/88071705079197698

    jadedlittlegirlx [at] gmail [dot] com

  9. Thanks for the chance to pick! I'd love the chance to win A Need so Beautiful. I'm retweeting your contest now...


  10. Thank you!

    I would love to be able to read Forgotten by Cat Patrick.

  11. I'm kind of jealous of this signing, it's looks like a great one!

    I've been looking forward to The Day Before for forever, so I'd love to win a signed copy. Thank you for the contest! :)


  12. Great giveaway! I wish I could go attend that signing as well, but I will be out of the country!

    Anyway, I would LOVE to read The Day Before by Lisa Schroeder.


  13. thanks for hosting this giveaway! I'd like Desires of the Dead, please!

    lindanmc (at) gmail (dot) com

  14. Thanks for this giveaway!! Amazing! If I win, I'd like Forgotten! :)

    GFC follower: Miss Lauren
    Linked on my blog's sidebar:

    misslaurenwilk at gmail dot com

  15. All the books look good!! You could just surprise me!

  16. Thank you for the giveaway :) I'd love to enter for Desires of the Dead! :D

    I tweeted:!/ramen_addict/status/90845720793448448

  17. Thank you!!
    Im @dirtybrit on twitter and retweeted your tweet about the give away..
    I would most def want Forgotten!
    and my email is:

  18. Great books you have listed! My preference would be Forgotten by Cat Patrick.

    I RT'd here:!/le_robertson/status/90845436734226432

    everexpandinglibrary at gmail dot com

  19. This is a great giveaway! I've RTed and added a link to my sidebar.

    I don't know which book I want... How about you pick on at random? ;)

    Is it okay if I DM you my email address? It's not public.


  20. Thanks for the giveaway. I'd love to win a copy of Ripple.

    GFC Follower: A Canadian Girl

  21. Sounds like you're going to have a lot of fun! Thanks so much for the chance. I think I'd pick Forgotten by Cat Patrick.

    e-mail: papereader(at)gmail(dot)com

  22. Thanks for the fabulous giveaway! I think I'd choose Ripple.

    Tweeted here:


  23. Thanks so much for this giveaway, what a great selection of books! :) I'd pick A Need So Beautiful, i've heard so much about it! :)



  24. WOOT WOOT!!! Thank heavens I found this when I did, since there's only a few more hours left..well I'll just be sure to tweet like a crazy person about this giveaway for the next three hours! Okay, so you actually drove 3 and a half hours for a book launch party!! WOAH! That's dedication!! I've NEVER been to a book launch or a book signing..sad ain't it? Nobody EVER wants to stop by Chicago for some reason..oh well..that's why I have to thank you like x100 for this giveaway!! It would be AMAZ-ING just to get to read one of these awesome books let alone actually be able to win a signed THAT is crazy!! SO..thank you, thank you, thank you for this super duper generous giveaway!!! AHH!!

    Here's the link to my first tweet (psst..their will be like 20 bagillion more because more peeps just have to know about this UBER awesome giveaway!):!/hargur55/status/95323683698126849

    Okay..I got my fingers crossed..and my toes, and my...

    ANYWAYS, thanks for this giveaway, and I would LOVE to win ANY book out of the 6!! I'm just so happy that you're giving all of us this chance!! xD

    xx Harpreet (:

  25. I'd love to win Forgotten! great idea for a giveaway BTW! :)