Thursday, September 26, 2013

Me on Books I Never Reviewed (1)

Books I Never Reviewed is a new segment (for lack of a better word, maybe a series of some sort) all about those books I've read that I never got around to reviewing for any number of reasons. I'm thinking of making it a once every couple of months kind of thing.

So, what's going to happen is something like flash reviews. I'll mention a few books, give a few thoughts, and that's it. This sort of came from me trying to write reviews in the past for books I've bought or borrowed and couldn't think of enough to say for a normal Me on Books style of review. I've written/posted 282 reviews here over the past few years, but I've read almost 650 books since the start of 2011.

Sweet Legacy by Tera Lynn Childs. I reviewed both Sweet Venom and Sweet Shadows, but after reading this I felt I'd be repeating myself again (possibly because my review of Sweet Shadows went up in July). This is the conclusion to a series filled with action, mythology, and three teen girls discovering what fate has in store for them. The sisters are coming into their own. Gretchen, Grace, and Greer all have different skills, and together they make a team. This is like the end of their journey in discovering who they are and what they can do, and whether or not they can defeat those who are trying to kill them. They also have their three different and curious boys. Not counterparts, necessarily; the girls are their own counterparts. But the boys aren't just there for romance, they have their own skills, their own secrets and regrets, and at the end they all come together. A big part of why I've enjoyed this series is how the author has re-imagined the myth of the Gorgon and made it something new. I'd love to see more Greek mythology re-tellings that are more than Persephone/Hades or Cassandra and her seeing into the future (Antigoddess by Kendare Blake is, currently, my only exception to the Cassandra rule because of its vast range of characters).

Stolen by Lucy Christopher. This is certainly an extremely powerful book, very moving but also very dark and twisted. It's a rather intriguing sort of book, and definitely one I wouldn't have picked up if it weren't for other bloggers reading it and reviewing it. Again, not the sort of cutting deep contemporary YA that I normally read, if I happen to want to read contemporary YA, but I still liked it.

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. This has to be one of the most heart-wrenching and emotional YA novels of the year according to most bloggers. But I wasn't as interested in it and I'm not totally sure why. Maybe it's because it's very much one of those contemporary (although because of its 80's setting it could be historical) YA novels that cut deep, and I'm not as into those as other readers and bloggers. From my non-review on Goodreads (that I wrote not long after reading this): A sweet and sad book about two misfits who find a place to belong when they're together. Not my cup of tea when it comes to contemporary romance, but I'm sure those who enjoy contemporary YA will enjoy it more than I did. I did love the author's second contemporary YA novel of 2013, Fangirl (even with it being on the YA/NA border), but I think that's because I could see part of me being a fangirl in Cath.

So, did you like this? Which books have you read that you never reviewed but always thought about it? Post #2 will be up at the end of November. :)

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