Saturday, March 9, 2013

Me on This Week's Book Week (42)

This Week's Book Week is like Stacking the Shelves hosted by Tynga's Reviews but not as cleverly named. ;)

Yesterday I did a book purge of all three of my bookcases (2 in my room in the open with 1 hidden in the closet) because I needed to do a spring book purge. I needed to purge the books I hadn't read in years, I needed to purge the books I wasn't going to read again, but I still held onto the ones I loved. The battered and well-read books that make me love reading, that let me escape into a different world.

I also had a weird neurotic moment where I needed to count how many books I brought back from ALA and how many I had left to read. Out of 70 books, I have 46 books to read, which means 24 have been read, sent off to good homes, and/or are waiting for me to contact the library about giving them to their teen readers.

I've tweeted pictures of all the free books (with the exception of a few already claimed). Local bloggers and other people I know have first dibs at the books I'm getting rid of. For others across Canada and in the US and elsewhere, we might need to work out something so I'm not the only one paying shipping. Fair is fair, you know.

Remember my weird infected finger? Well, I saw my doctor this week. We've reached the 'send nail clippings to the lab' stage and 'get an x-ray done to make sure it's not an infection that's settling into the bone' stage. In a few weeks, we might be at the 'go see a skin doctor' stage. How fun. Stupid plague finger. At least all it cost me this time around was parking at the outpatient clinic for the x-ray.

My sister's starting to hear back from grad schools she applied to. Which is awesome for her. :) But she's been stressing over which one to go to and how much it'll all cost and if she'll get some kind of grant or fellowship to help with costs.

3 weeks until the Cassie Clare signing. :) It'll be nice to hang out with book people again.

Received: (I linked to each book on Goodreads because these are not the final covers.)
The Originals by Cat Patrick (from Hachette Book Group Canada)
Icons by Margaret Stohl (from Hachette Book Group Canada)


  1. The Originals sounds really good! I am wanting to grab my copy of Icons and read it right away. The book trailer actually made me want to read it more.

  2. Looking forward to reading these two!

  3. I haven't heard of those the titles yet :(

    BTW lovely blog and I'm a new GFC follower
    follow back?

  4. Oooh both of those look awesome! I hope you enjoy all you got :)

    Here's my STS!

  5. Can't wait to hear what you think of Icons! Enjoy x

  6. I'm looking forward to reading The Originals! I hope you enjoy! :)

  7. Oh wow, I thought the cover for The Originals was actually ripped to shreds! Me and my infinite wisdom. (-_-ll)

    I'm not sure I'd ever be able to give away my books. Realistically I know I'm going to have to but I think I'll wait to fill up another bookshelf. When I do finally give some away I'll probably give them to friends... that way I can still read them! :)

    Happy reading and I hope your "stupid plague finger" gets better, and that you don't actually have the plague. That would suck.
    Roxy @ Story Envy