Saturday, December 15, 2012

Me on This Week's Book Week (30)

This Week's Book Week is pretty much like Stacking the Shelves hosted by Tynga's Reviews only without the smart and catchy name. :)

It's been a hard week for a lot of people. *hugs for everyone*

I'm seeing a bunch of RL friends tomorrow for our annual Christmas meet-up and Secret Santa present exchange. We're heading down to Stanley Park to wander around and see the Christmas lights. :) I might spam-tweet a bunch of pictures Sunday evening, so be warned.

I read 13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson this week (I had an e-book copy from that time last year when the e-book was free for a little while and just now got around to reading it because I was bored and The Darkest Minds isn't something I wanted to start right before I went to bed because it's pretty big). I think I enjoyed it so much because I've been reading Maureen's tweets for the past year and a bit and the book constantly reminded me of Maureen. Of course, it also made me want to re-read The Name of the Star. I think next week and Christmas week will have a bunch of re-reading. :)

It's about 6 weeks until ALA Midwinter. It's not necessarily panic I'm feeling but more that I wish I knew some things, like about the hostel where Caitlin and her friends and her co-bloggers are planning to stay that I'm butting into (now, Caitlin did offer a spot in the room, but I still think I'm butting into their plans). Once I know what days out of the four they're going to be there, I can book a spot on a train or bus (no way I'm driving down into downtown Seattle again). Still, it's 6 weeks away.

Borrowed from the library:
The Last Little Blue Envelope by Maureen Johnson
The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls by Claire Legrand

Received to review:
The Culling by Steven dos Santos (from Flux through NetGalley) (I realize the title of this book borders on inappropriate, considering what happened yesterday in the US, but I requested this book earlier in the week and I saw the approval e-mail Friday morning before I saw the news. It seems to be a rather dark dystopian with an LGBT romance.)


  1. I really enjoyed 'The Last Little Blue Envelope'! :) Here’s what books I got this week:

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

  2. Interesting YA books. Maureen Johnson is a very sweet person in RL. Come visit me as well.


  3. Great books this week!!

  4. I looked up Blue envelope books but they're not really my type, but I'd love to get Cavendish Home one ;)
    Happy reading!

    My Haul.