Saturday, April 7, 2012

Me on In My Mailbox (67)

In My Mailbox is a bunch of weekly fun hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren. :)

My copy of Above came back this week after spending time in Toronto to get signed. Thanks again to Michele for being my Toronto mailing person. :)

Got pictures taken for my passport renewal. Fun. Why does it cost so much for the renewal? I don't remember the actual passport costing this much 5 years ago. Instead of me spending a few days in Seattle with some friends, I'm spending $100 renewing my passport.

I was talking to some bloggers the other night on Twitter and I said that when I e-mail publicists about review copies, most of the apprehension comes from the fact that I have no idea what they have available and am totally guessing at what ARCs they were sent. I get the feeling it's a bit trickier in Canada, I've asked about some titles and was told they weren't sent any by the US office. Which is interesting, you'd think the US would be all over a huge mostly English-speaking market that has a lot of similarities to themselves (I'm totally being cheeky here ;)).

In other news, it's early but I'm looking for someone willing to grab me an ARC or two at BEA this summer. Ways I can pay you back include sending money for postage or sending you a book or two in return (like from Book Depository).

Also, I have a link for a guest pass thing for Crunchyroll if anyone's interested. It's pretty much free access to the site for 48 hours, so if you like anime (or any of the dramas they also have, I don't watch those), then let me know. :)

In the mail:
Above by Leah Bobet (totally cheating but look it's signed and pretty)
Borrowed from the library:
Wings of the Wicked by Courtney Allison Moulton (Say in comments whether or not you'd like to see a review. :))
Ouran High School Host Club Volumes 6 to 11 by Bisco Hatori (*sigh* More manga. I liked the anime (well, I avoided most of the last 2 episodes because it looked like SUCH a cheesy ending) and I'm doing what I did with Fruits Basket, reading the manga. I like how the manga of Fruits Basket had an actual ending. Might do the same next with Blue Exorcist. There are some I'd watch and then read, but the lack of English translations of the manga kind of suck.)

To read & review: Struck, Dark Kiss, The Hunt, Fated, Shadow and Bone, Never Enough, Scarlett Dedd, Yesterday, and Romeo Redeemed. :)


  1. OOh, cool! You got your book signed. I've been dying to read Above. I think my brother watched the Ouran High School Host Club. I'm not that into anime but the few episodes I saw were okay.

    Here's what I got IMM over the past few weeks :)

  2. Nice set this week. Congrats on the signed book! I have watched the Host Club's anime but I still want to pick up the manga as well.
    Book Sniffers Anonymous

  3. That's so awesome you got your copy of Above signed! I've been wanting to read it for ages, but I just haven't gotten around to getting it. Must change that immediately, methinks. Great haul!

    New follower here :).

    My IMM @ YA Books

  4. WOOO! So nice of Michele to get your copy of Above signed!! I'm waiting until Leah Bobet is coming to my Chapters in May :D :D I believe Megan Crewe is gonna be there too. Happy reading!
    Giselle from
    In My Mailbox

  5. I LOVE Wings of the Wicked, and I'd like to see what you think of it, too!

    Here's my IMM

    Amber @ Fall Into Books

  6. Pffft that sucks about the passport renewal- stuff like that is so expensive! I'm loving the signed copy- I would love to be able to add more of them to my bookshelf!

    New GFC follower- I just love your blog it is prettty!

    My IMM:

  7. I wish I could get some books signed. AND go to BEA let alone get books from there lol. You got great books though :)
    Happy reading and Easter!

    My IMM

  8. Your Ouran High School Host Club reminds me so much of the time when I collected Sweet Dreams and Sweet Valley High novels, they look cute and interesting. Have fun with your new reads!

    Here's mine over at GatheringBooks:

  9. I def wanna read Above, love the cover. So awesome you got it signed. :)

    My IMM

  10. Dying to read Above! And Ouran! Such a great manga. What do you think so far? And who's your favorite C;?

    Shortskie @ Rondo of a Possible World
    My Mailbox

  11. Nice IMM. Above sounds so good. Awesome cover too. Enjoy!

  12. I LOVE signed books! Not very many author's come to Scotland so I don't have that many, but I'd love to start a signed book collection.

  13. Above sounds like it is going to be a great read. ;)
    Amy @

  14. Awesome that your book is signed! :)

    I agree, I always get nervous about sending in requests for review copies.

    I just got my passport renewed as well and I dislike doing it like nothing else in this world. Seriously.

  15. Wings of the Wicked is amazing, and YES, DO A REVIEW. :p ha ha. enjoy your books, and yay for getting Above signed!

    My IMM.

  16. I've never heard of that anime series - must check it out :)