Saturday, February 18, 2012

Me on In My Mailbox (60)

In My Mailbox is a bunch of weekly fun hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren. :)

I've been stuck at 173 blog followers since forever. Spread the word: when I hit 200, I'm giving away a book. :) And comment on either of the reviews I posted this week and you'll get 5 entries towards that giveaway.

I have avoided re-breaking my ankle on the 1 year anniversary of me breaking my ankle. Yay me. :) There are still jokes whenever someone takes out the vacuum hose (remember how I slipped on it going down stairs and dislocated and fractured my ankle?), but that's how my family works. Making fun of the stupid things we did and the odd things we broke, like water fountains and toilets (neither of which was me).

A review went up on Tuesday for a book that I adore and no one's commented on it yet. Usually I don't care if you comment or not. If you just read it and consider giving the book the chance, I'm happy. It just sucks a bit when there aren't any comments on a book I loved so much while reminding me how much high school sucks when you're a socially awkward and artistic misfit.

I heard during the week that Penguin Canada is sending Jay Asher, author of 13 Reasons Why and co-author of The Future of Us, to Toronto, Vancouver, and 1 city to be determined by voters over on their Razorbill site, so go vote if you live near Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa, or Montreal. :) Not sure if I'll go, considering I haven't read either book. I might just go so I can write up another event recap post. There will be one in March when Tahereh Mafi comes, so look out for that.

The only book I got this week is related to my Canadian YA lit blog event in May. Yay for books by Canadian authors. :) Would you guys rather I review this first then have a guest post in May, or do both in May??
The Way We Fall by Megan Crewe (from Hachette Book Group Canada) (HBG sent it because they deal with Hyperion's books in Canada, Hyperion has no Canadian office, so if you're a book blogger in Canada looking for Hyperion titles to review and you've got a contact at HBG...)

To read & review: Illuminate, Black Heart, Among Others, Gone, Gone, Gone, The Last Princess, The Way We Fall, The Year of the Beasts, and Never Enough. :)


  1. I have heard fantastic things about this book! can't wait for the guest post and review during your Canadian event!

  2. I heard this is really good, hope you enjoy it!!

  3. I love that the Canadian cover is white and blue. So gorgeous. Although I didn't really like The Way We Fall, but I hope you do!

  4. The Way We Fall sounds really good. Hope you enjoy reading it :)

  5. I've heard pretty good things about this one - I'm sure you'll enjoy it :)

    My IMM for this week

    Happy reading!
    Vicky x

  6. Go Canada! I want to read this book too. Happy Reading!
    Meaghan @ Feeling a Little Bookish

  7. New follower

    heard good things about THE WAY WE FALL, I think I need to check it out soon!

    enjoy reading! Here's my IMM:

  8. Wow, I really want to read this book! Lucky you for getting a copy!