Sunday, December 18, 2011

Me on In My Mailbox (51)

In My Mailbox is a bunch of weekly fun hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren. :)

Even more of the Christmas season is upon us now. :) I'm not sure how to schedule my next IMM post, if I should do it for Sunday after Christmas, or Monday after my birthday. At the moment, I'm leaning towards posting one on Sunday for Christmas presents then another on New Year's for birthday presents and anything I get if I venture out to the mall or bookstore for a Boxing Day sale (which I don't usually do because the crowds are horrible).

I'm not sure what I want to read right now. I feel like the three ARCs I have on my bookcase that I'm saving for the DAC are taunting me. Even more so with Born Wicked because I'm borrowing it from Caitlin. I finished Cinder, I reread Dash & Lily's Book of Dares and Delirium, and now I'm re-reading Daughter of Smoke & Bone.

According to the weather people on TV out here, it's not looking good if you want a white Christmas, which is good because I don't. I hate the snow so much, hate shoveling it and driving in it and walking in it cause not enough people shovel the sidewalk and they're jerks. Honestly, if it snows at all this winter, I'm making a point of not leaving the house unless I absolutely have to.

I hope you guys liked my week of reviews. The books were all different and all interesting in their own way. :) And don't forget about suggesting a book for my underrated YA books of 2011 list. It'll go up near the end of next week.

And now I'm off to see a bunch of book bloggers for coffee. Again. :) For the longest time it felt like just me out here, then I met Caitlin in February, then Jenny and Alita and Rachel in October, now I get to meet Evie (finally), and maybe some more. :) Hopefully the Starbucks won't be so busy.

Received to review:
Friends with Boys by Faith Erin Hicks (from First Second Books/Macmillan through NetGalley) (I'm so excited, it's my first request to review a graphic novel. I want to review more graphic novels, I love how they're a gorgeous blend of a text story and a graphic art story. And this sounds so funny and sweet, plus there's a spooky element.)
The Taming by Teresa Toten and Eric Walters (from Random House Canada through NetGalley)
Someone Else's Life by Katie Dale (from Random House Canada through NetGalley) (This book counts towards the 2012 Debut Author Challenge.)

Fever by Lauren DeStefano (Borrowed from Evie at Bookish. I'm totally cheating by adding this now because she's not letting me borrow it until this afternoon, but she said she'd let me borrow one of her copies (since the other is reserved for a massive international giveaway she's holding now for a box of at least a dozen ARCs).)

Sophomore Switch by Abby McDonald (it was on sale, I got it for less than $5.)

The Time in Between by María Dueñas (I won this book through #fridayreads, the popular book-sharing thing that crops up on Twitter every Friday. See, real people actually win books during #fridayreads. I'm not totally sure if I'm going to read it, it doesn't sound like my cup of tea, but I might give it a try before passing it onto someone else who might like it.)

To review list: The Taming, Incarnate, Born Wicked, Someone Else's Life, The Fine Art of Truth or Dare, Fever, A Touch Morbid, Friends with Boys, Immortal City, Gone, Gone, Gone, and Never Enough. :) I've got a gap in January that doesn't have any reviews scheduled, but hopefully it'll be supplemented with Christmas and birthday present books.


  1. I am dying to read Fever. I can't wait to see what you think (when you eventually read it after you get it this afternoon). Super jealous of your get together (have fun!) and I also hope there is no snow for Christmas.

  2. Great IMM! You'll love Fever, it's so good! Can't wait to hear what you thought of Incarnate.

    My IMM:

  3. I hate snow too! And that makes me VERY happy that it's going to be a green Christmas. I just hope that it's true for Eastern Ontario as well.

    Great list of books this week and have fun meeting more bloggers!!

    Happy reading and Happy Holidays!

  4. Wow! That's quite a list of books. Looking forward to the reviews. Have a great Christmas.

  5. Someone Else's Life sounds like a great book for characterization and deeper issues - I don't know that I've seen any reviews of it yet, so I'll be interested to see what you think of it! I've also been wondering if Sophomore Switch is any good. Hope you enjoy your books! :)

  6. happy reading !!!great haul!! cant wait to see ur views on it!

  7. Lots of books this week! Hehe, I love that Evie will now have met most of the Ontario bloggers over here (except me :( .. lol) and then head over to the west coast and meet you too!

    Now that I have Wither, I can finally read that and then get to my ARC of Fever too! Haha..

    happy reading :)

    Michele | IMM