Saturday, October 15, 2011

Me on Will Punch a Lion in the Face for Books

No books this week. Oh, well. It happens. It gives me the chance to bring up something new. :) Technically, I did get book mail, but it was my ARC of Daughter of Smoke & Bone coming back to me after I sent it to Abby (she lives near Boston). And she got it signed when Laini Taylor was there at the end of September. :) (Future review books are listed at the bottom of the post, like I do at the end of IMM posts.)

There are some books you really want to read. Like really really really want to read. I've dubbed this my 'will punch a lion in the face for' book list. Past books on this list included Lola and the Boy Next Door (which was amazing), Shatter Me (which totally broke me), and Sweet Venom. Current books include Amplified, Pandemonium, Clockwork Prince, Isla and the Happily Ever After (I think Stephanie Perkins is still working on the book, which is good news), and The Fine Art of Truth or Dare.

I want this book so bad. So so bad. I loved Falling in Love with English Boys (Anna and Lola fans, you guys need to look up these books). Come on, people. Who doesn't love quirky, funny, contemporary YA these days? And they're in paperback (or at least Truth or Dare will be on February 16th). (I also love pre-emptive gushing on Twitter and finding out the author DM-ed me all surprised that I'm so excited to read it 4 or 5 or 6 months before the release date. Hi, Melissa. :) )

I want to start a thing. On Twitter, use the hashtag #willpunchalionintheface and share what books you would honestly punch a lion in the face for. Or a tiger. Or a dragon. Or the president. Whatever your limit, stick it in the hashtag. Examples include "#willpunchalionintheface for Lauren Oliver's Lisel & Po" and "#willpunchanelephantinthetrunk for Andrea Cremer's Bloodrose." I was talking to Kathy on Twitter the other day and she said her #willpunchalionintheface book list includes Immortal City. I agree, that book sounds so awesome, and will be a future WoW post once the cover is finalized. :)

So, go forth, loyal blog readers. Comment away, use the hashtag on Twitter, or even write up your own blog post. Share your impatience and willingness to punch lions in their faces. ;) Or whatever other animal you have a personal vendetta against.

(It's not personal between me and the lions. I picked lions just because.)

To review: Hold Me Closer, Necromancer, Tempest Rising, Fateful, Dark Inside (maybe), The Space Between, The Pledge, Shattered Souls, Tempest, and Everything You Need to Survive the Apocalypse (another maybe). No one's put in any suggestions for the week of you guys pick what I review, so I'll be picking the books and you guys will just have to read them. It'll be a mix of library books and books I own but haven't reviewed yet. (I DNF-ed Crave this past week, so there won't be a review. I just couldn't get into it. Once I spot it at the library I'll give it another shot.)

I've been thinking of doing a Hallowe'en YA horror readathon, maybe over the weekend and not actually on the 31st (Hallowe'en is on a Monday this year, how stupid). I mostly just want to re-read The Replacement and The Space Between and Bleeding Violet and Slice of Cherry on a night where spookiness is required by law. ;)

(I've also been watching a lot of Vlogbrothers videos on YouTube. So funny.)


  1. YAY for Immortal City. I may have to post my own blog post and some twitter related fun when I get home tonight. It's a fun and unique way to get excited about books. Plus, how cool that the author messaged you!!

  2. Hahah I love this idea. I'd be terrified to punch a lion in the face but I would take them on in a heartbeat for some of the books on my wishlist!


  3. hehehe I love your hashtag! I want this book, too. Love the cover for it. SO CUTE! :)

  4. I scrolled by this really quickly and thought you were going to review Jane Austen's NORTHANGER ABBEY and got really excited. Then I went back and realized I was just reading what I wanted to read, haha.

    Is SLICE OF CHERRY worth reading? I've heard good things.

    AND YES! Nerdfighters! DFTBA.