Saturday, April 21, 2012

Me on In My Mailbox (69)

In My Mailbox is a bunch of weekly fun hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren. :)

I was at a book signing this week. :) For some reason (my own brain being weird), I haven't yet written up an event review post. *sigh* Ummmmm... yeah, I don't know what to tell you. It probably stems from the fact that I didn't take pictures. I did record some of the Q&A (just audio). It's possible that, since 2 of the 3 authors are from Vancouver, I'll do some kind of write up for the blog event. Which starts soon. *nervous face*

I went absolutely insane waiting for the mail this week, both the normal Canada Post and any extra UPS/Purolator delivery-type mail. Every time the doorbell went off I flipped. The one time there was a parcel and I was the only one home, it was for my sister. *head-desk* Blogging and reviewing and requesting has turned me into a basket-case. Before Friday afternoon, I had a bunch of books listed here because I thought they'd come, and they didn't. Why does the mail take so freaking long to get out to BC? Stupid big country. But I'm not about to move out to Toronto.

Even more rumours of me taking a trip this fall. ;) Did you know flights are about half as much if we fly out of Seattle instead of Vancouver?? Holy freaking crap.
Blackwood by Gwenda Bond (to review from Strange Chemistry through NetGalley)
Shift by Kim Curran (to review from Strange Chemistry through NetGalley)
The Gryphon Project by Carrie Mac (Bought at the signing on Tuesday. I got this one because it's a stand-alone and I'm feeling rather swamped by series right now. I really wish that the copy of her new book, The Opposite of Tidy, that I won had arrived before the signing, but it wasn't meant to be. Besides, Carrie's a local author, I'm sure I'll get it signed at some point.)

Borrowed from the library:
Ouran High School Host Club Volumes 12 to 17 (Last year, I read a lot of library e-books and Harlequin novels. This year seems to be the manga year. Interesting. I wonder what next year will be.)

To read & review: Dark Kiss, The Hunt, Fated, Shadow and Bone, Never Enough, Innocent Darkness, Scarlett Dedd, Blackwood, Shift, Yesterday, Romeo Redeemed and Tune. :)


  1. These sounds soo good!! Happy Reading!

  2. Nice mailbox! And I know exactly what you mean about going insane waiting for the mail! I'm constantly checking every time I think I hear the UPS truck! *L*

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  3. Nice mailbox! Blackwood looks good! Enjoy your books!

    Here's my IMM

    Happy Reading!
    Megan (new follower!)

  4. Blackwood looks really cool :)

  5. Shift sounds so good. I saw it on Netgalley last week and seriously thought about requesting it! Great books!

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