Sunday, November 6, 2011

Me on Live-Blogging a Book

On the weekend I started thinking. I've got a lot of books to read, some I want to/need to review (either because a publisher sent it or because I've felt it hasn't gotten a lot of publicity), and some I'll just read for fun (not that review books aren't fun).

But sometimes writing a review is hard because all you really want to say is "OMG *flail* this book was awesome!!" This isn't a review. This is me freaking out on Twitter after reading Shatter Me (I don't think I actually said OMG, but I'm sure I tweet-flailed). My actual review goes live Friday just after midnight PST. :)

I posed a question to Twitter on Sunday (right before I did a #1k1hr (write 1000 words in 60 minutes) with @adikirilova) as to whether or not people would be interested in a live-blog of me reading a book as opposed to me writing a review. I immediately got two people saying yes.

I haven't live-blogged before, but I've seen some people's finished posts that came as a result of live-blogging. It's an interesting concept and I think I'd like to try it. Of course, it's totally possible that me live-blogging reading a book will spoil it when I question some parts.

You guys, you reading this, have two questions you need to answer in comments.

#1: What book do you want me to live-blog??

#2: Do you want me to totally spoil it as I live-blog my reactions to characters and plot twists??

Now, there are some rules. I'm not going to live-blog me reading ARCs or e-galleys that haven't come out yet. It's not really fair, and if I do spoil them I'll feel like a jerk. I have 7 books in my to-read pile that have been officially released, so I could live-blog one of those (those books are There is No Dog, Fateful, Beautiful Chaos, Dark Mirror, Abandon, Undercurrent, and Paper Towns). There is also the option of me live-blogging a book I've read but haven't reviewed, but I feel like most of it would be me going, "I remember this part, it was weird," or, "I thought this was important but it's not."

Comment away on your book suggestions (maybe one I could pick up at the library) and in a week I'll go through and pick a book to live-blog. :)

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