Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Me on Freefall

Title: Freefall
Author: Mindi Scott
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Release Date: October 5, 2010
Pages: 315 (Paperback)

I'll be the first to admit I don't read a lot of contemporary YA novels. The first one I remember taking seriously was when I had to read an excerpt of P.E Ryan's Saints of Augustine in a children's lit class.

Then I heard about this book.

I don't remember where, possibly that wonderful place called Twitter, and added it to my giant to-read list.

Then I heard there was going to be a book signing just south of me in Washington state where Mindi Scott lives, so I jumped in my car and drove 3 hours to see Mindi talk and read and answer questions and get a little weepy. You're adorable, Mindi. :)

So, the book. I love this book. It's heart wrenching at spots and funny at others. I think it hits hard for anyone who's lost someone so close to them and wasn't sure how to go on.

Seth's not coping with the loss/death of his friend Issac. He's not dealing with it. Considering he also found Issac's body after he died, I'm not surprised Seth's not handling life after Issac all that well. He's caught in a spiral he doesn't really want to escape, so close to hitting rock bottom at the beginning, which starts the immediate book crush. *girly sigh* Seth's the boy that every high school girl wants to save. He's brooding, he's troubled, he's in a band. What girl wouldn't have a crush on him? ;)

Then there's Rosetta. Her quirks and different attitude seem to wake him up, and then he learns about her secrets, secrets that aren't so different from his own, and maybe Seth isn't the only one who needs to be saved.

This book is very much a pulling back from the edge and letting people in and moving on sort of book. It was so realistic and/or believable, it's not all sunshine and puppies, and there's a hint of roughness that made it all the better. Maybe it was the alcohol and the swearing or the class division and the fighting or Seth's relationship with his brother, or maybe it was just Seth himself, his voice. It started as a rough around the edges sort of book and over time some of those sharp corners were rounded off a little.

Seth doesn't seem to want to let people in and change his outlook on life after finding Issac dead, but he has to if he's going to move on. He needs the support of the people around him, of Rosetta, Kendall, his friends, his family, his new band. It's hard letting people in, and it's not easy getting over a close friend's sudden death. It really sucks sometimes, but Seth had to learn that he couldn't spend the rest of his life drunk, failing math, and pushing people who care about him away.

It's a wonderful book. Seth's rough edges, Rosetta's quirks, Kendall's Gummy bear smell (as Seth puts it), Daniel's nicknames for everyone. I love this book.

And Seth. ;) I love Seth. Can I keep him, Mindi? Please??

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